Anahata Te Waipounamu Festival

18-20th January 2019 Journey's End Loburn 

Te Rakau Aporo

– Guided Meditation and Teachings

Te Rakau Aporo-The Apple Tree, Jackie Timms. Medium-Mahi Wairua-Spiritual Worker. I will be sharing my teachings of Atua-my Guardians, and how I connect to them and Ranginui and our Papatuanuku. 
Te Rakau Aporo will be leading our Welcoming Blessing and Opening Ceremony, running her own powerful and spirit guided workshop, as well as being available for one on one readings and guided healings.

Healing Embrace

Linda Dowsett

Linda’s intuitive empathic skills allows her to work on multi-dimensional levels. She is a medium for light language from Source where high frequency beings of love and light come through to bring you expansive, beautiful and loving energy to assist with your soul’s journey here on Earth. Being connected to your soul is vitally important for your whole health and wellbeing. It is your divine spark, your light within connected to Source from which all life and creative force emanates from.
Linda will channel through high frequency light language transmissions from the Intergalactic Cosmic Heart of Divine Source to align you to your truth, awaken your soul’s light body and activate star-gate portals within to assist with your ascension process. She works with a Collective consciousness that serve humanity at this time of great change and awakening. Spiritual guidance and tools to connect within are included

Hatha Flow Yoga

Dani Davis

Kia Ora, Namaste! My name is Dani, I've been teaching and practising yoga for many years. I'm truly passionate about sharing the gift that yoga is, with all! Practised with love yoga can change your life, it has bought me through mental illness, addictions and eating disorder recovery. I now work with those struggling with the same issues to bring some peace and light into their lives.
I teach a hatha flow variant style and enjoy teaching all from babies (mums and bubs) all the way thru to the golden years, yoga has no age limit! I'm really excited to be bringing yoga to the Anahata Te Waipounamu Festival, I will have my beautiful daughter, my assistant yogi in training with me so together we can show all variations for all levels, can't wait to see you all there!
Peace out brothers and sisters
Dani x

Goddess Temple and Red Tent

Goddess Gatherings By The Sea

Kia Ora I'm Jo and I'm Sarah and together with our Whānau, friends, amazing workshop and healing stall holders we bring you
Anahata Te Waipounamu Festival.
We gather regularly at Anahata Well-Being - a Loving Sanctuary in New Brighton. 
Here we facilitate
Women's Circles, Goddess Gatherings, Red Tents, Workshops, Healings, Day Spa, Dance, Shamanic Drumming and Journeying, Seasonal Celebrations and Retreats.
At this Festival we will have a Goddess Temple
for prayer, meditation, ritual and ceremony. (all quiet people welcome regardless of gender) and A Red Tent
For Trans and Cis Women of all ages, beliefs and cultures to gather for retreat, rest and nourishment, energy healing, herbal teas, massage, crystal bowl healing, clay masks, henna body art and more.

Ecstatic Dance

DJ's Trillion and Jussy Jus

What is Ecstatic Dance? It's like a dance club... but without the shoes, phones, spectators, booze, smoke or drugs... it's a guaranteed evening of REALLY good music that moves you in ways you didn't know you could! It's a dance floor for 2 hours only... where you can be free to dance deep without inhibition or interruption. Simple, sensual and spectacular.   Ecstatic Dance Christchurch will be representing at Anahata Te Waipounamu Festival with two dance journey's: DJ Trillion on the Friday and DJ Jussy Jus on Saturday!! We're looking forward to stomping on the earth


Blissful Mantra SoundWaves 

Ananda's KirtanWave is sharing the art and bliss of Kirtan Yoga. It is also described as the Yoga of Music. Leave your worries behind and surf with us the Waves of transformative Sound! Sound that takes you to your own sweet place of Happiness!
Based on ancient mantras, Kirtan music refreshes, uplifts, relaxes and grounds the listener. All at the same time! Together with the audience Ananda's KirtanWave sing mantras in Call-and-Response fashion, accompanied by various traditional and exotic instruments. The audience is invited to surf the waves of sacred sound that lead into each and everyone's heart and ultimately to a wonderful feeling of uplifting bliss.

Kundalini Yoga

Guided by Elena

Elena (Simranpreet Kaur)
will guide us in a outdoors class at 11am on Saturday.
This will be a 75-90 minutes session
Kundalini yoga combines powerful breathing techniques, postures, mudras (hand positions), mantras (chanting) and meditation.

Reiki and Laughter Yoga

Martine Saltoun

Martine is a Reiki Master Teacher from Scotland who will be Facilitating Interactive Workshops over the Festival on the subject of self-care. To include, Reiki, Chakras, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Laughing Yoga & The Shakti Acupressure Mats! Martine also has a stall offering Healings, Hand & Face Massage & Selling Shakti products all at Discounted Prices.

Guided Meditation for AnimaLiberation

Lucy Verde Roze

Born in Africa, raised in Aotearoa, Lucy's life journey has taken her across the globe and shown her many stories. She will be speaking on her experiences of awakening through veganism and vipassana meditation, before leading a guided Meditation for AnimaLiberation.. a journey into a world of freedom and peace for all.

Strawberry Fairy

Childrens Entertainer

Strawberry Fairy is a kids party entertainer and hula hoop performer! She is going to be leading activities and helping out in the sunshine kids area including... 
facepainting, balloon twisting, poi, hula hooping, big giant bubbles, and lots and lots of fun!

Aerial Hoop

Marine Mathieu

Marine will be performing on the Aerial Hoop (Lyra). She has been practicing this art for nearly 3 years and found her happiness while hanging upside down in the air. (to be confirmed depending on rigging suitability and safety)

Freedancing Mindfulness

Nicole Wiedemann

Nicole has been passionate about dancing since she can remember.
She learned Salsa dancing and is currently going to Contemporary dance classes.
After attending Jan Jeans (Open Floor Teacher/Arts Therapist) "Heart Dance" sessions she experienced that free-form dance and conscious movement give opportunity for deep connection, reflection and healing. That fired her inner desire to offer a space for music, movement & healing.
Nicole attended multiple sessions and workshops and started her own class called "Freedancing Mindfulness'' in Christchurch using the tools of mindfulness, sound & movement to connect to body, mind & soul.
Freedancing Mindfulness invites you to feel, listen and move your body consciously. So you can learn, heal and transform in the present moment.It uses the tools of mindfulness, sound & movement as a gateway to inner wisdom.
Come as you are are. Be.

Tui Falwasser

mahi raranga/weaver

Waikato, ngati porou, ngati kahungungu, ngai tahu nga iwi. 
I have been weaving harakeke and natural materials for over 20 years in Te Waipounamu. Born and raised on Te Tai o Mahaanui of the south island in a small rural reservation known as Te Tuahiwi in the north canterbury area was exposed to vast amounts of local indigenous knowledge from my mother's people . This has been a huge part of my learning and discovering other materials from the ngahere that my ancestors used to adorn themselves with handwoven garments made with whitau/prepared flax fibres. Other techniques including tukutuku- lattice weaving and then on to whariki and kete whakairo have kept the embers burning for me to further myself and learn more. I am a confident tutor of raranga with a strong creative insight to develop and design both traditional and contemporary forms. Weaving is a huge part of my life and I look forward to sharing some knowledge with those attending in January.
Workshops will include tikanga and kawa 101 and some small hands on projects to develop some skills and techniques of mahi raranga.

Shamanic Journeying

Karen Effie

Karen is a Shamanic Practitioner and Deathcare Worker. She has studied Drumming circles, Dream work, Divination and other modalities with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. At the festival Karen will be facilitating a Shamanic Drumming and Journeying workshop at 7pm on Saturday. She will also have a stall with runes and rattles and be doing extraction work.

Sound Healing and Totem Animal Wisdom

Robert James Haywood

"From Deep in Papatuanku to the Stars" An evening gathering that introduces sound healing; a sound healing journey that carries us from deep in our Earth Mother to our Star Self - that part of us that is our deepest forever traveller self; and an introduction to the Totem Animal Wisdom. Robert is.. Cultural Wisdom Keeper Music Medicine Man Totem Animal Wisdom sensitive Author Creator/presenter of advanced personal growth and healing workshops Rainbow Serpent energy carrier Genuine International Presenter with over forty years experience and we are fortunate to have him join us.

Tracey Saunders

Fusion Belly Dance

Tracey from TribalDiva Belly Dance Company will share her love of modern fusion belly dance with participants in this workshop. We’ll learn the technique for fundamental fusion movements then put them together in a short, fun choreography sequence. Fusion belly dance is a unique & beautiful art form that encourages creativity and expression through dance.

Funk and Disorderly

Six-piece Band

 Funk and Disorderly is a six-piece collaboration made up of talented Singers & Musicians coming right out of North Canterbury. Performing many classic covers with their original spin on things, whether its Jazz, Blues, Funk, Reggae, Soul or Rock, “Funk and Disorderly” will have you up singing and dancing along with them and their funkified beats. Hoodz: Lead vocalist/Bass 
Danni L: Vocalist/keyboard Greg: Lead guitarist/Vocals/Bass 
Martin: Vocals/Guitarist/Bass Phillipe: Guitar/vocals
Chris: Drums/Percussion So, what are you waiting for? 
Come and Join them and bring some Funk and Disorder to your day.

Psychedelic Sounds


Dylan aka DH LOOPS has been busking the streets of NZ & AUS for the past few years with his Psychedelic Loops learning his craft and entrancing adults and children alike. Its a sort of music you can just listen to directly and go on a journey or just sit back and relax and let it wash over you


high vibe blues-rock 

Nestled amongst the love and laughter of this festival Hypnumb are a a high vibe, crowd-pleasing blues-rock. Fronted by Bex, who won her voice in a poker game in Vegas, the sound has been described as Wigmore laced with Zeppelin, and even Winehouse melted down with the White Stripes. Hypnumb will be stripping it back so the dancing, singing and stomping is louder!

Live Music Loops

Garden City Hippy

Garden City Hippy likes to play music like no ones watching, so you can move like no ones watching. With both the spontaneity of Playing music live, and the kind of flow one might expect to hear at a DJ set. It’s Novel, Hypnotic, Groovy & Accompanied with a cheeky amount of Nostalgia.
Which, when combined, makes you feel like You’ve ingested some kind of ethereal Metamucil.
If that sounds like you then please check out the timetable and come say Gidday!
Garden City Hippy
Genre: Loop/Funk/Tribal/Melodic/Sound Scapes/Casual Banter & the Odd Cover.
For Updates & Gig dates:
  • Karen Effie Shamanic Journeying
    Karen Effie Shamanic Journeying
  • Fireflow
  • Aromatherapy
  • Blessings and Guided Meditations
    Blessings and Guided Meditations
  • Totem Animal Wisdom
    Totem Animal Wisdom
  • Hypnumb
  • Kirtan Wave
    Kirtan Wave
  • Kundalini Yoga
    Kundalini Yoga
  • Goddess Temple
    Goddess Temple
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
    Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
  • Women's circle
    Women's circle
  • Food Not Bombs
    Food Not Bombs
Karen Effie Shamanic Journeying
Karen Effie Shamanic Journeying