Anahata Te Waipounamu Festival

18-20th January 2019 Journey's End Loburn 

Ananda Simply Wholefoods

Delicious Artisan Kai

Ananda Foods was born out of a passion for cooking. We have both been vegetarian for many years and Mara has been experimenting with dairy-egg and gluten free baking.  We will be selling our burgers with chickpea or smoked lentil patties, also sausages and tempeh sandwiches. Everything is vegan and 100% artisan. 
The patties are gluten free and we make our own gluten free buns.

Locally made with LOVE. Please bring cash. 
Ananda Simply Wholefoods will be joining us on Sunday.

Ellie's Emporium of Fancy Pants

for fun & funky festival threads!

Made from 100% cotton and recycled saris by a family business in Rajasthan, India. I have styles for women, men and kids. Pop in for super comfy harem pants, dresses and skirts, then bust them out on the dance floor or the yoga mat! Happy festival!

Food Not Bombs Ōtautahi

Because Food is a Right, Not a Privilege

Food Not Bombs Ōtautahi will be at Anahata Te Waipounamu Festival serving up homemade vegan burgers and sausages straight off the bbq, tasty snacks, fresh fruit, cold drinks, kombucha, coffee and foraged herb teas.
You're invited to support Food not Bombs foodie fundraiser to help them continue to serve up kai for hungry people on the Streets.
* Please Bring Cash *
Food Not Bombs is a group of independent collectives, sharing free plant based food. Food Not Bombs' ideology is that corporate and government priorities are skewed to allow hunger to persist in the midst of abundance, there is enough for everyone.

Holistic Massage

Marine Mathieu

Marine comes from France, and has 10 years experience as a massage therapist. Using a variety of techniques, focusing mainly on relaxation, deep tissue and sport massage. Marine has a very intuitive approach to massage finding areas that need the most focus and attention to detail. She enjoys it when you let her “follow the flow”. Her ever growing knowledge on holistic well being is what she cherishes most, and likes to share. Marine will be offering 30min massages for a koha of your choosing.

Panna Soaps

Natural Hand Crafted Palm Oil Free Vegan Soaps

My name is Anna. I am a Hungarian, Christchurch-based soap maker, specialising in natural vegan soaps. The name ‘Panna’ is a Hungarian nickname for Anna, which was given to me when I was a little girl.

All my soaps are handcrafted in small batches and made with the cold process method with non-GMO ingredients and no artificial preservatives. All bars are scented with pure essential oils that provide a nice subtle aromatherapy experience as you bath or shower. The colours come from natural ingredients like clays, herbs, coffee, cocoa powder, spices.

A Radiant Life

Sharin Shaik

A Radiant Life is in the business of improving mind, body and spirit health. We offer bodywork, intuitive coaching as well as yoga. Our mission is to support individuals in their journey to a healthier lifestyle through an intuitive and tailored approach in a professional and caring environment. As well as having a stall at the festival, Sharin will be running an early morning yoga workshop.

BodyWorkz Therapy

Jay Saunders

BodyWorkz Mirimiri and Massage with Jay Saunders, Jay uses the Te Whare Tapu Wha approach in her healing, the four corners of Maori Health and Wellbeing. Jay is an Energy Healer working with wairua doing Mirimiri/Massage, moving trapped emotions and releasing old patterns to bring in the newness with aroha and light. She will be on site to offer holistic massage therapy throughout the weekend.

Essentially Healthy Living

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

A journey through food and environmental allergies and eczema with her first born son showed Ineke what her passion in life is. Holistic health and wellbeing, family and helping to empower others with the same knowledge and tools. Ineke will be teaching an introduction to doTERRA and essential oils and how you can tailor your essential tool kit to fit with your needs. She will also teach about emotions and essential oils and offer one on one consultations

Mirimiri Healings

Pere Devon

Mirirmiri is a form of traditional maori healing and massage
It is commonly said 'when the student is ready the teacher will appear' I am fortunate to have been taught by traditional Maori tohunga who also embraced the new ways as well as tohunga from other ethnicities.

Matakite Spiritual Medium

Charlotte Price

Integrating aspects of your spirit back into you, to create peace within your soul.  I'm a Shamanic Reiki practitioner who understands Shamanic energy practice on a soul level and receives guidance from spirit/ancestors to help others shift and transform what's needed for them within there evolution of there souls progression. Iv been taught through having to shift through my own story through the help of my ancestors/spirits guidance. I'm also a certified Reiki/Master in the Usui system of natural healing. I work with your energy through being guided by you and spirit healers/team who are there to help with your souls energy on all levels that are needed worked upon within the session. Healings are done at your souls pace. I am also available for Clairvoyant readings House and land clearings Guided meditations And much more. You can find me on Facebook or contact me on - 0226347908

Manaaki Mama

Rongoā Healing Balms and Oils

Manaaki Mama will be joining an exciting line up at this beautiful Festival. As well as leading discussion on Rongoa in the Plant medicine hut,  we'll be offering healing and Manaaki Mama magick in the tranquil surrounds of Anahata Festival


A selection of exotic and unique jewellery, clothing and accessories that will appeal to those who love unusual adornments. Stop by to view our selection of treasures sure to satisfy the magpie in all of us, or to pick up info about our belly dance classes!
Be sure to bring cash!

Seated Indian Head Massage

Bree  McCutcheon

Let's face it...
Our face, hands, arms, neck and shoulders do most of the work all day every day, and we forget this!
It is very common to hold a lot of tension and busy thoughts, quite under the surface, in our neck and shoulders, but we often have a lot held in our jaw, cheeks and even the scalp and forearms , that dont receive much attention and maintenance.
Seated Indian head massage treats all of these areas:
The hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp and brings wellness, circulation and relaxation to every inch of surface and muscle.
It is a highly attentive practice to release, relax and dispurse stuck energy and tension.
Bree comes across the ditch, all the way from Oz-trailer! Trained in Cairns. Saturday at the festival from 10-3pm she offers a full 45 min Indian head massage or 20 min half session for a special festival half price offer!
45 mins $30 (usually $60)
20 mins $15
Book ur spot on the blackboard Friday, in the hall.

Cycled up & Over the Top

Steampunk & Boho

Cycled up & Over the Top was started by two friends who combined their love of sewing, creativity, "different" styles, and a keen interest in recycling. They take clothing that's no longer "fashionable" and upcycle it into new and one-off fashion pieces. Sharon's love of Steampunk shows through in her delightfully quirky tails coats, and Mary's creations have a definite "Boho" edge, in her long-line coats and "Noseetoes" They will have some of their creations on sale, as well as information on regular Introduction to Upcycling workshops and Upcycling Concept & Design workshops to be run in Christchurch in 2019

Goddess Gifts

Goddess gatherings by the sea 

We bring you a magical selection of crystals, white sage, palo santo, mugwort, handmade crystal bracelets, quartz pendants, suncatchers, incense, handmade soy candles, massage balms and nourishing bath salts.
A gift for all Gods and Goddesses.
Organic body scrubs, Clay face masks, Moxibustion and Oracle card readings will also be available upon request at select times. 
Please bring cash.

Gem Chalice

Gem Chalice provides energy healing on the go in beautiful glass bottles. Crystal elixirs have been used since ancient times for their energetic healing properties. Each crystal possesses its own unique vibration that brings positive energy flow into the body such as inner peace, love, clarity, joy and abundance.

Angel Therapy

Evie Walker

A very accurate Angel Card Reader, Certified Counsellor(For Adults and Children)
Evie’s consultations include a personal Flower Remedy to take home post festival. Safe enough for animals and children, Bach Flower essences have no adverse side effects. Their originator, Dr Edward Bach, created the now famous Rescue Remedy. Helpful in times of stress, grief, and trauma. An ‘Angel’ intuitive mix of Flower essences, can prevent the onset of physical ailments which result from these negative states. Coupled with your ‘Angel’ card reading, while feeling heard emotionally and spiritually, you will feel totally supported on your life’s journey.
Leave Feeling Better!


Ruby Novelle McKillop

Soulful healing focuses on massaging you into a relaxed and released state. 
Ruby is a registered and qualified massage therapist , and with her use of energy healing and aromatherapy a session will cater to your specific needs. From light touch to deep tissue. 
Focusing on body, mind and spirit.
Leave Feeling Better !

Healing Embrace

Linda Dowsett

At Healing Embrace I offer you a range of health and wellbeing services that are holistic and empowering. 
In the stall I will be offering half hour, or hour long appointments of healing sessions with light language soul activations.